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F**k boring social media


hi. we're a boutique, gen z social media agency.

& we specialize in TikTok marketing 🌶

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For startups & tech companies

Maybe you're getting ready for a round of funding. Or coming out of stealth mode. Whatever the case, as a startup looking to get noticed, your social media is *super* important. It's basically the main character of your marketing strategy (all eyes on you) 👀  We're here to add some spice 🌶 

Oh, and psssst ... B2B peeps, you don't need to be scared. You can have fun on social, we promise.


For founders & CEOs

Employees, investors, customers - are all people. And those people trust people (not companies). The truth is, your personal brand is crucial to the success of your startup. And if you don't invest in it, you could lose out on countless opportunities.

WE KNOW you're busy. We get it. You're a founder - there aren't enough hours in the day. But don't worry, we're here to help 🌶 


What we do

Social media Strategy

AKA the pink jalapeño. A true classic. We build your strategy from scratch - everything from your tone of voice, content pillars, hashtag tiers, profile optimization, and mucccccccho more 🌶️


AKA the pink ghost pepper. We coach you from the sidelines. You're our Michael Jordan and we're your *blank moment* (who the heck was his coach?). Okay so we don't know sports. That's okay. We know social media. And we'll guide you to the top. 

Content creation

AKA the pink chili. The house special. We'll get our hands dirty and conceptualize, film, & edit your content for you. Typically, we'll work with "the face" of your company - the person, employee, or actor who will show up in most of your videos.

Social media management

AKA the pink habañero. We manage your accounts from A-Z. That means strategy building, profile optimization, content creation, social calendar, and monthly analytics. 

Workshops and trainings

AKA the pink serrano. Want to train your team on how to leverage the power of social media? We got youuuuuuuuuu. We'll come to your offices (or hang virtually), and give them all the tools they need to become social media superstars. 

Trend monitoring

AKA the pink poblano. It's hard to keep up with the never-ending TikTok trends ... unless you're *always* scrolling. Luckily, we are 😏 Each week, you'll get a report on what's trending on TikTok, with detailed explanations on how you can use them for your account. 

Audits and analyses

AKA the pink ancho. You know those girls that can find someone's Instagram account with minimal info like "His name was David and he had a blue shirt on" 👀 Yep, that's us. When we start to research, you better get out of our way. Looking for an in-depth social media audit? Competitor analysis? Persona research? We got you.

Haaaave you met Gili and Noam? 👋

Two social media addicts that TikTok faster than we think.

Gili Fleekop 


A Tiktoker herself (@gilifromphilly; 50K followers, 13M views🔥), Gili has seen first hand the power of TikTok marketing. Previously, Gili managed the social media accounts for big tech companies & led the social media strategy for the largest IPO in Israeli history. 

Noam Biton

Officially a brand strategist, unofficially a marketing queen 👑 

Noam strategizes marketing campaigns in her sleep. Give the girl a roll of toilet paper and she'll brand it like it's Gucci. Previously, Noam led brand marketing campaigns for big tech companies.

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Some of our spicy clients 🔥

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*Workshop on employer branding
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Rumorz on the street 👀

Dan Feldstein,

VP Marketing Odeeo

"Pink Chili's workshop changed the way our team thought about using social media and equipped them with tools and clear actions to grow on LinkedIn. Gili knows how to connect with executives and translate social media effort into real business impact."

Liron Alkolombra, 2B.VC

"This is not just another agency.


 This is a pair of sharp, creative female entrepreneurs who come to achieve results. The impact of their actions is felt without any doubt."

Adi Ben Ayoun, Recruitment Marketing  JFrog

"Gili and Noam's personal approach, thinking about the strategy, and attention to small details have been there since day 1.
Most of our posts on our TikTok page have over 10K views. Since working together, there is no doubt that we have reached impressive achievements.
We feel that we have completely won by having them on our team!"

Our ✨philosophayyy✨

We have 1 rule over here about social media ...


Remember it. Cherish it. Tattoo it across your chest.


Here it is: 


✨There are no rules✨

(sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy) ... but it's true 🤷‍♀️ 

Your biz is special. So should your social. Try new things, play around, see what works. If you try to follow a cookie-cutter rulebook, you're just gonna blend in like everyoneeeeee else ... boring 🥱🥱🥱

Sooooo here's how we do things at Pink Chili 👇

Scrappy strategy. Fail fast. Optimize. Iterate.

No matter how sparkly or beautiful your 100-slide strategy deck may be, TikTok's algorithm ain't gonna treat you differently. Good content is good content. And you'll see what's working pretty fast 😉


We onboard clients quickly ... no wasting time. We start with research, set goals, and then build a scrappy strategy. 

It doesn't need to look pretty. It needs to give us a starting point.

And then it's go time.

We test. 

We fail.

We learn.

We find the winner.

And then we optimize & iterate ... ('scuze our French) ... the sh*t out of it.

caught a crush? don't be shy. slide into our dms <3

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